Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hi Guys

I would like your comments on my proposal to reduce the amount of assignments to four by combining "Reconstructing Past Biodiversity" into Weblog contributions. I thought there was too muck work.

  1. 20% Short Quizzes
  2. 30% Web blog contribution (Reconstructing Past Biodiversity and general reading and providing comments on other person's blog contributions)

  3. 30% A Power Point Presentation of Peer-reviewed Material

  4. 20% Construction of an Electronic Classification Key.

You are welcome to leave any comments.

Here is Two Oceans Aquarium

I work at the Two Oceans Aquarium. This is situated at Cape Town's Waterfront. I have attached a Map of Cape Town to show its location.

I will update this posting with more information soon!


The first chapter is available from the following link

Make sure this is studied with the first two chapters of the text book Biodiversity II.

You will be tested on this section during Monday's class 5th March 2007.

Good Luck