Saturday, March 31, 2007


I've got a question to anyone that's willing to help:

Is it acceptable to use number as well as formal (stating authority in full) referencing simultaneously in-text? E.g. "Butterlies exist as metapopulations [3]. According to Jackson (1993) it is the most prevalent population structure."
(Bear in mind that these are two different sources).


  • Hi Dane

    You do need to standardise on one system or the other. The use of numbers is to make online reading easier and to produce shorter and more direct (active) writing. For Internet use it is best to use the number system. When submitting a hard copy of a formal assignment(e.g. your project or term essay) it would be best to use author/date - especially for other members of the BCB Department that are probably not clear on the two systems for referencing. I will accept either system providing it is consistently applied throughout the document. I do find it easier to read a blog posting or a Power Point where the numbering system is used. For your Power Point I suggest using the numbering system on the slide (possibly super-script it) and the full references in the notes section for that page. At the end of your PowerPoint you can prepare a complete numbered reference list as a slide (numbering in the order that references appear in the presentation).

    By Blogger Rich Knight, at April 01, 2007 12:55 PM  

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