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Evolution of bird from small Theropod Dinosaurs as it was suggested by paleothropologist can be the start of flight evolution.[3] This evolution of flight was sugested to be inherited from the species which was living on the ground , so as birds have already suggested that they evolve from theropod dinosaurs which was not capable of flying .it was thought by paleothropologist that they underwent modification which result in the evolution feathers. With the evolution of feathers they tend to have different mode of locomotion which is diferent to their ancestor.

Bird adapt this type of movement as a mode of locomotion,and it became a character to most of the world birds species.this adaptation help the bird to access many thing that was not close to it ,most of the bird tend to chose diet which found in the canopy of the trees and flying insects.other use this mode of locomotion to avoid predators and also the competition that can develop for feeds and habitant.having this ability they end up living in the canopy of trees for most of their time.

However; this adaptation tend to have some changes that bird have to undergo,so that they can be able to fly higher than the first bird species.They undergo modification on the limbs that was used as wing,some lose bony tails and toothed jaw which was modified by lightweight beaks.this was done to reduce the weight that the early bird have, that reduce the flying height. Sekeletal hollow that bird have enables them to fly high because it made them to weigh less.”also the fearthers are made by vanes known as barbules that close them together, allowing feathers to stretch and give birds strength to fly”[1]

This adaptaion also involve the reproduction modification for birds,reproduction change incase to alllow bird to weigh less which willl enable birds to fly.”for instance ,they keeep their reproduction organs(ovaries,testes and oviducts)for most of the year,and make them large only during breeding period”.[1] this made the bird rest in their nest during reproduction period,because they will be having more weight which cannot enable them to fly high.

This anatomicaly change influence most of birds to weigh less and have ability to also helps them to adapt different type of living,some bird are noctural,while other are not they have chance to feed during the night as they can spot their prey during the night while their pray cannot see them. This happen because the prey will be on the ground and the bird will be on top of the habitant that the prey are living in.

Flight need energy,so birds need to be warm blooded because in the atmosphere there is cold will be dificult for birds top flap their wings if they cannot maintain their body temperature.[2] scientist argued by the statement that indicate bird as endothermic species which is mostly mammals,it was suggested that it inherit the process from their ancestore which was warm-blooded animal.and also some happen during modification with evolution.

These adaptation that birds have to day,was evolved during the modification from the ancestore that was suggested for bird which is Theropod evolve as the method of modification and development,they develop this mode to access benefit that will reduce competition on resource;like food and shelter.they also use this mode to avoid predators

In general most of the species adapt different behaviour because of the environment they are living in. predators influence some species to develop different behaviour, and also diet that different species choose to feed on also introduce different behaviour on certain species. Birds avoid under ground predators by developing mode of locomotion which enable them to fly higher so that the predators cannot have access them. They also choose diet which is abundant in the higher level which is only accessible by species that can fly only to avoid competition, diet such as nectars found in the canopy of the trees and flying insects.


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  • I like the way you have hyperlinked your references, but the numbering system should be such that the first reference you cite has a number 1, then number 2 etc. Please note this does not mean it has been marked - just that I noted your hyperlinked references.

    By Blogger Rich Knight, at May 17, 2006 8:29 PM  

  • First off, I agree with Richard's comment above about the reference numbering. You sometimes use quotes when paraphrasing would be more appropriate. Furthermore, your grammar is a bit shaky, and the piece is riddled with typos that a bit of editing would have fixed up...


    By Blogger NcK, at May 29, 2006 2:40 PM  

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