Friday, May 05, 2006


Hi Everyone,

Really exciting news - and I hope it works your end! We have been
developing a course calendar for the Weblog that works from our BCB
servers. You can see this added to the right hand side - and each day's
task are highlighted by a link with some instructions to guide your pace
of learning. When the tasks are listed and you want to see the entire
calendar you follow the link that says

Return to calendar for BCB705

Here is also a link to large Calendar with all details for the next
weeks workplan.

Please confirm that you have read this email by adding your comments
and that you a) understand the use of the calendar, b) you have viewed
your workplan for the week ahead and c) you are happy about editting and adding the assignments via your accounts

We are unfortunately going to have to pick up a little speed on this
course so that it is completed by the end of the month.



Dr Richard Knight
Co-ordinator: National Information Society Learnerships - Ecological
Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
University of the Western Cape
Private Bag X17
Bellville 7535

Phone 27 + 21 + 959 3940
Fax 27 + 21 + 959 1237




  • Hi Rich
    The calender is clear, but this only means that in order to finish biodiversity in time as indicated in the calender we have to work hard. This is because the dates indicated are closely to each to other.

    By Blogger peter, at May 05, 2006 7:56 AM  

  • I confirm that I have read and understand the calendar,but is too congested.

    By Blogger Elelwani, at May 05, 2006 8:36 AM  

  • hi Rich
    the calendar is clear we will try to submit in time

    By Blogger lethabo, at May 05, 2006 8:38 AM  

  • Hi Rich
    The calender will help us to be up to date.


    By Blogger lufuno, at May 05, 2006 8:46 AM  

  • I have seen the calender and I can see that an inrease in speed is needed because the dead lines are very close to each other.

    By Blogger Dianah Nangammbi, at May 05, 2006 8:46 AM  

  • this comment serve as a conformation that i read and understand how to use a calender.

    By Blogger Ramapulana, at May 05, 2006 9:30 AM  

  • Thanks. I have read posting.
    I assume the Cape Town students will be following a different schedule?

    By Blogger Karen Marais, at May 05, 2006 10:04 AM  

  • thanks, i have read the calendar and i hope it will help me and i will also use it in managing my work.

    By Blogger linette, at May 05, 2006 10:53 AM  

  • I confirm that I have seen the calender and I hope it will help us to submit our assignments in time.


    By Blogger lizzy, at May 05, 2006 11:08 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger lizzy, at May 05, 2006 11:12 AM  

  • Hi

    Thanks for confirming - please make sure you submit to this BLOG -to do this you will need to use your www.blogger accounts and compose and send through. This pace will be picking up.

    The Cape Town students started earlier and more or less have to complete all work by the 14th May. Karin - you seem to have finished most of Chapter 2's work.

    By Blogger Rich Knight, at May 05, 2006 3:41 PM  

  • The calender will help us to finish our work in time. That it is a brilliant idea Dr. Knight, i wish if each and every course could have its own calender.

    By Blogger Maleka Evelyn, at May 06, 2006 8:34 AM  

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